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About Us

Russia’s Pivot to Asia is a politically neutral news and statistical portal documenting one of the most significant changes in global supply chains taking place in the world today – the shifting of one of the world’s largest economies away from the West and towards the Global South.

Written by academics and experienced regional businessmen from across Eurasia, we provide this service on an anonymous basis as a result of previous harassment from Western mainstream and social media and government. Articles and data are provided in good faith and are intended to be as accurate as possible yet without political bias – although we expect that this stance will lead to accusations of bias in itself. Nonetheless, we aim to break free of the current misrepresentation of aspects of the Russian economy and trade and to provide as accurate a picture and evaluation of the current changes as possible. Sources include Russian and English language media, government statistics, and reputable data crunchers such as Statista and other similar outlets and may be verified via online checks. Data is additionally fact-checked by ourselves wherever possible.

We believe these changes are already having significant long-term impacts upon global trade flows yet are little understood elsewhere. Yet without understanding them it is impossible to accurately gauge or predict contemporary global trade and development trends.

Within Russia’s Pivot to Asia are two main items of interest, our first annual Russia’s Pivot to Asia Guide, a 250-page full colour PDF that details Russia’s 2024 trade and development with 80 countries, in addition to evaluating new supply chain routes such as the INSTC and the NSR, and Russia’s developments within regional trade blocs such as the BRICS, CIS, EAEU, SCO, China’s Belt & Road Initiative and others. It includes the following chapters: 

  • Russia & Europe 
  • Russia, the Caucasus & Turkiye 
  • Russia & North Africa 
  • Russia & The Middle East 
  • Russia & Central Asia
  • Russia & South Asia
  • Russia & ASEAN
  • Russia & China
  • Russia & Far East Asia 
  • Russia & The African Continent
  • Russia & Latin America 
  • Russia’s Membership Of Multilateral Trade Organisations:
  • Eurasian Economic Union 
  • Commonwealth of Independent States
  • Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
  • BRICS 
  • Russia & The Belt & Road Initiative 
  • Russia-Asia Transport Corridors:
  • The Northern Sea Route 
  • The International North-South Transportation Corridor
  • Russia & The Digital Currency Revolution 
  • Russia 2023/24 Productivity 
  • Executive Summary    

We intend to update this on an annual basis.

The second section of development interest is our on-going News Portal which provides daily updates on the most important Russian trade and development events as they emerge.

Our hope is that beyond the Russia misinformation prevalent across mainstream media, Russia’s Pivot to Asia will provide a necessary overview of what is really occurring in global trade dynamics and be of assistance to those requiring such intelligence as a geopolitical resource.

We hope you find this resource of use in understanding one of the least understood, and most misrepresented changes in global supply chains taking place today. 

Questions or Comments? 
Please write to us at: [email protected]

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