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Arkhangelsk-Shanghai To Become A Regular Northern Sea Route Service

China’s Yangpu Newnew Shipping plans to make 10-12 shipping runs from Shanghai to Arkhangelsk along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) in 2024, according to the government of the Arkhangelsk region.

Alexander Tsybulsky, Arkhangelsk Regional head, and Tsetsen Goryaev, the General Director of the Arkhangelsk Commercial Sea Port and Elena Maximova, the General Director of Torgmall LLC signed an agreement on Wednesday (May 8) under which Torgmall will ensure the organization of the transportation of goods by sea from ports in China to Arkhangelsk. Yangpu Newnew Shipping is a business partner of the company.

The Arkhangelsk Commercial Sea Port will ensure that the infrastructure at the Ekonomiya Terminal is prepared for cargo transshipment.

“Thanks to our cooperation, last year we sent our first ship along the Northern Sea Route from Arkhangelsk to Shanghai. The agreement signed is a confirmation of our long-term intentions, so now we need to think through plans for the next five years and provide for the necessary investments in infrastructure development.” Tsybulsky said.

According to Ke Jin of the Yangpu Newnew Shipping, the company plans to operate four vessels on the line during the 2024 navigation season. In addition, the carrier expects to use the capabilities of Russian Railways to send cargo from Arkhangelsk to Moscow.

A test direct cargo run via the NSR from Arkhangelsk to Shanghai took place for the first time in ten years in 2023, with the ship carrying 500 containers of lumber. The distance is 26,500km. The travel time was 23 days versus 30-32 days from St. Petersburg.

According to the Arkhangelsk Commercial Sea Port website, the Ekonomiya loading and unloading terminal is located in the northern part of Arkhangelsk, 15 km from the White Sea. The terminal is capable of receiving vessels with a length of over 190 meters, a width of 30 meters and a draft of 9.2 meters.

Arkhangelsk is a major lumber centre, while it is also well connected via rail to Moscow and St.Petersburg. Chinese goods can arrive at Arkhangelsk for onward distribution while lumber and other Russian materials can be shipped to Shanghai.

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