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Our Look Back At Some Of The Weeks Most Bizarre & Cool Russo Moments

The UK’s Premium Stolen Cars Are All Going To Russia. Probably.

A completely biased article from the UK Daily Mail who blame UK car thefts on Russians and that only 4 Policemen in the entire country check outbound shipping containers. That and something to do with sanctions…In actual fact, luxury cars in Russia are fast gravitating towards beasts like the Chinese Hongqi and Russia’s own Aurus which is what everyone of serious note in Russia really wants because that’s what Putin drives, and well, because its Russian. BTW Daily Mail, Rolls-Royce and Range Rovers aren’t British anymore. You sold Rolls-Royce to Germany’s BMW in 1998 and Range Rover to India’s Tata Motors in 2008.

UK Industry Placed On A “War Footing”

Anything you can do, I can do better….The UK Prime Minister, standing on a box, on top-toes  and stretching his neck to make him appear taller than his actual 5 feet and 7 inches, has said he will put the UK’s defence industry on a ‘war footing’. One problem: the UK’s manufacturing industry has been in decline for several years – it’s too expensive and vastly uncompetitive. Maybe London can buy from China, Pyongyang or Tehran?

Yowsa! Bollywood Comes To Moscow

Perhaps hoping to emulate the mega-hit “The Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia” the Indian superstar actor Vijay has been filming in Moscow with Indian director Venkat Prabhu. “I wanted a new place which Indian audiences have not seen before” said Vijay before dashing off to perform a dance number, which you all want to see, right? Right. The film, titled ‘The Greatest of All Time’ is scheduled to be released worldwide on September 5.

Indians In Siberia

Sticking with the Indian films shot in Russia theme, the 2023 movie Pathaan was shot partially in Siberia, here’s a clip of the revered motorbike chase, while Tiger 3 starring Salman Khan was shot partially in St.Petersburg. Back in Soviet times, Raj Kapoor’s films where very popular in the USSR. Your local Babushka might remember this.

Nobody’s Fault But Mine…

Apparently it was all Tucker Carlson’s fault that US loans of US$61 billion to Ukraine got delayed. So, yeah, free speech isn’t alive and well in the US Senate. And we’re not quite sure if Mitch McConnell is actually alive. Meanwhile, for those of you who thought this snippets title referenced Led Zeppelin, you’re absolutely right. Here.

Spartak Moscow v Zenit St.Petersburg

Last week we showed you the highlights of the Russian Super Cup semi-final between CSKA Moscow and Baltika, this week we have the Spartak Moscow v Zenit St.Petersburg semi-final. Who will play CSKA in the final? Watch at your own risk though. Russian football is sanctioned, and you could end up being prosecuted or made to watch Manchester United if caught. Or sent to Coventry.

Lev Yashin

The Black Spider.

Food For Thought

What we’ve been reading:

What we’ve been listening to:

  • Slomsky’s 9th Symphony
    The Belorussian composer’s merger of Shostakovich and Metallica. Skip the first movement and go to 09:04. Play LOUD! Here. 16:30 is reminiscent of Yes, while 23:10 goes partway between resolving the battle between wood, electricity, and the generation gap. Extraordinary.
  • Sparks: Aeroflot
    The permanently cool LA brothers take on flying Russian. A rather muddy Live in Moscow here and the album track here.
  • Tchaikovsky: May
    Ok Ok, all that before was noisy enough. Here’s Tchaikovsky’s May – his homage to the beginning of the White Nights which are just around the corner.

Keep Safe. And have a great weekend!

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