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Russia Now The World’s Fourth Largest Meat Producer 

Russia has in recent years succeeded in creating a modern meat industry and now ranks fourth in the world by meat production, President Vladimir Putin said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday (June 7).

“We have created a modern meat industry in the agro-industrial complex. Its capacity has almost doubled in 15 years. Today, Russia ranks fourth in the world in meat production and is increasing the supply of this product to foreign markets,” Putin said. Domestic meat consumption in Russia broke a new record in 2023 and exceeds 80 kg per person. By comparison, the world average is 42-43 kg per person,” the president said, meaning that Russia is also now totally self-sufficient in meat products.

Major exports markets exist with China and Vietnam for pork and chicken, while Russia’s halal meat exports are also increasing to Muslim markets.

The world’s largest meat producers (in order) are China, the United States and Brazil. The top ten are rounded out by India, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Germany and Pakistan.

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