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Russia’s Pivot To Asia Interviewed By World Geostrategic Insights

Russia’s Pivot To Asia has been asked for comments by World Geostrategic Insights for what it terms “Russia’s shift to the global south.” In four detailed and highly complex questions – we provide the answers about issues concerning Russia’s identity, the prospects for a “Greater Eurasia”, Russia’s relationship with China, and the impact of sanctions upon Russian businesses.


“Arguably the most important aspect of Russia’s Pivot to Asia has been the insistence on Russian self-reliance in its manufacturing sector. That is now a State decree.”

“Russia’s new Foreign Policy is specific, it wants to develop economic and trade ties with South Asia’s ASEAN trade bloc, Latin America’s Mercosur, the African trade blocs and members of the Belt & Road Initiative. Then there is the BRICS.”

“The relationship between China and Russia is pragmatic. Both are nuclear powers, while China has pressures that are different to Russia’s as well. Beijing needs to keep 1.4 billion people happy. Russia is a major key to that – and Beijing knows it.” 

“What is in a Volgabus? Sure, some of the parts will be Russian, and some Chinese. It’s important to refer again to Russia’s need to localise critical components. So increasingly parts in all products will be Russian. But others will be Chinese, or in future years Indian or Indonesian or Turkish, even South American, or African.” 

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