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Russia, Kazakhstan and China Sign Agreement For A Digital Container Transport Platform

Russia, Kazakhstan and China are to conclude an Agreement for the creation of a Unified Digital Platform (ECP) for container transportation in order to optimize freight transport on the route connecting the three countries. The document is scheduled to be signed at the next meeting of the  Kazakh-Chinese Business Council at the beginning of next month.

The ECP will become an integrated seamless system that combines the processes of customs clearance, electronic commerce and other functions. It will simplify logistics, promote the development of electronic commerce, simplify customs procedures, reduce trade barriers, and increase the transparency and efficiency of their mutual supply chains.

The agreement on the ECP was developed by the joint venture CRK Terminal, created by KTZ Express (Kazakhstan), Slavtrans-Service (Russia) and Xi’an Free Trade Port (China). These companies will be involved in the development and implementation of the project.

The CRK Terminal JV plans to involve the largest marketplaces in this initiative, including Alibaba, Pindouoduo, JD and 1688.com.

Damir Kozhakhmetov, General Director of KTZ Express, said that “The launch of the ECP will greatly simplify the logistical process. It will not only optimize cargo transportation, but also open up new business opportunities in the participating countries of the project.”

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