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The Best Expat In Russia Website and Online Resources, 2024

Readers have asked us for what online resources are available for expats in Russia. That’s been a moving target as many of these have left over the past few years due to covid and then the current situation, while a lot of what were websites have moved onto social media platforms. These issues combined have seen the expat in Russia resources hit new lows.  

However, we detect a bounce-back – many would-be expats are attracted to Russia because of its high standards of living and human dignity. Not everyone agrees with gender-fluidity being taught in school classrooms to 5 year olds for example. Anyway, here is a list of 2024 website and online resources that are useful to expats in Russia. Click the titles for the direct links.   


Internations is a global organisation, with outlets in Russia. There are chapters in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Joining is free, members can check which other cities are available. They hold regular monthly gatherings at selected hotels, restaurants in their respective locations, and it’s a very useful resource for getting to know locals and other expats.

Expats in Russia

An expat community, living in, or interested in Russia. On Telegram. Plenty of gossip chat but has an engaged membership.

Expats in Russia Info

Appears to be a new site but may have some interest.

Expat’s Adventures In Russia

“Explore, Discover, Thrive: Your Gateway to Expat Life in Russia!” A brand new Telegram site with useful content and podcasts. Well done! Well worth a visit. 

Moving to Russia

A professional website offering professional relocation services. But answers questions about relocation issues – if you’re serious.

Expatica Russia

It’s not being maintained, but does have lots of good tips and links. 

Linked In Groups

There are many LinkedIn Groups concerning Russia, many are industry specific so members can choose their most appropriate. Of special mention are Russian Connection, and Doing Business In Russia. Both are private and you have to request joining. Russia’s Pivot To Asia is also on Linked In, and posts articles daily. See you there!


Likewise, there are numerous Facebook groups related to Russia, but again many are selective while others appear dormant. But have a search. Note Facebook is banned in Russia and doesn’t have much of a Russian audience. 

Other tips:

When using these resources, be very careful when it comes from taking online advise concerning money transfers and so on unless it is from an experienced and trusted professional. Check the credibility of anyone offering pay-for services before parting with cash.


The Commercial sections of some of the Embassies in Russia provide occasional events to mark diplomatic ties and so on. It can be worth registering with your specific Embassy in Russia to find out about these and to let them know you’re in the country in case any assistance is required. You can google your related Embassy to find contact details.

Chambers of Commerce

There are also specific country-related business groups, councils and chambers of commerce that are worth looking for. A quick Google search should help you find these.  Do you know a resource that should be on this list? Email us at [email protected]

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