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Prospects For BRICS Under Russia’s 2024 Chairmanship

The influential World Geostrategic Insights (WGI) forum has provided an interview with US-Russia expert Paul Goncharoff concerning Russia taking the Chairmanship for the BRICS group for 2024. The WGI also namechecked our own new Russia’s Pivot To Asia guide, which contains extensive chapters and details of the prospects for BRICS 2024. It can be downloaded for free.  

The BRICS now includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, and were joined from 1st January 2024 by Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The main point about the expansion of BRICS is the trade and development potential that it brings. With the bloc now expanded to ten members, this increases the overall geographic reach of the BRICS to 83 countries by dint of their respective additional free trade agreements with other countries. In total, these 83 nations now represent a group with an overall combined GDP (PPP) in excess of US$92 trillion.

The 2024 BRICS summit will be held in September, in Kazan. 

To summarise what we said about BRICS 2024 under Russia’s leadership, the WGI interview can be viewed here.

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